Cheap Energy Club switch costing me money and broke my heating

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Cheap Energy Club switch moved me to BGas Economy 7 tariff that will not work with a SMARTS 2  meter. There was no warning - the switch went through, I was sent a contract that bears no resemblance to what I am actually being charged.  This has broken my heating system, it is permanently switched on and very expensive. I am having trouble switching to something that will work and finding out how to fix my heating. Cheap Energy Club is costing me a lot of money.


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    You have contacted CEC and the supplier ??
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    Yes. Took a lot of phone calls which cost me £20. New supplier has agreed to follow up a complaint as I have an Economy 7 contract but am being supplied with an expensive single tariff, but it will take a long time. We are pensioners and can't afford the electricity charges I see mounting up so have been sitting in a cold house. I don't know if my heating system which has worked connected to the meter for 31 years will ever work again.
    CEC has not got back to me yet other than say send them an email.
  • which is it? "it's permanently switched on" or " we are sitting in a cold house" it can't be both????
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