Last month our local driver decided that he was’t going to deliver to us or our neighbours anymore. He did this without warning or having the courtesy to speak to us. We only found out when parcels we expected had been returned to the retailer with a note saying that the householder no longer wanted the goods. This was a lie.  Subsequently he told other neighbours that he doesn’t want to drive his new van down our lane. The lane is fine and we have no issues with anyone else. 
We took this up with Hermes customer services who promised to investigate but they have not. Their primary purpose appears to be to deflect and prevaricate until you give up. The local depot also claimed to have inspected the lane but clearly this is also a lie.
It now appears, after some research, that there is an issue, particularly in rural areas, where Hermes allow their drivers to decide who they will deliver to because they are using their own vehicles. This policy seems to be endorsed by the entire organisation.



  • sparky0138
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    This happened to us a few years ago. We lived on a farm about 3 miles from the nearest village. The road was fine and the postcode on satnavs but the driver apparently had trouble finding us (she didn't bother asking for directions) and said we should go to her house about 5 miles away if we wanted our parcels. My guess is that she just couldn't be bothered travelling "all that way" for one parcel.
  • rollingmoon
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    Hermes are cheap for a reason... before I order anything online I always check which couriers the seller uses, and if it's Hermes I buy elsewhere. Other useless couriers are available, obviously, but IME Hermes are the very bottom of the barrel.
  • There seems to be driver disquiet in Hermes. I work in a completely accessible office in the centre of a city, free loading bay outside the front door but the regular Hermes driver just won't deliver. Another driver did deliver successfully and she couldn't understand what the other regular driver's issue is.
  • pollypenny
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    Our Hermes guy is excellent. 
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
  • BrassicWoman
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    I'll buy clothes delivered by Hermes as our local driver is excellent. Anything heavy that goes on the national lorries, not a chance - usually arrives dented!
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    I have both sent and received items with Hermes. 
    When I was sending stuff out, I paid extra for collection as we have no local pick up point. They collected parcels up to 2 days early and 2 days late. Just pure luck I was at home. 
    Items took up to a month to arrive. 
    The tracking system was never up to date, and entirely pointless.
    Twice parcels never reached their destination. Another time part of a parcel arrived - it had been reseated with items missing. On this occasion the recipient was my aunt so I had no reason to doubt her. 
    Customer service really didn’t care a hoot. 

    I have since stopped using them, and prefer to spend more and trust Royal Mail. 

    If I order stuff online you often cannot establish who the courier will be, so I do still occasionally receive things through Hermes. It is ALWAYS late. ...
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    i don't know if hermes are any better or worse than other couriers but what i do know is that their customer service is uncontactable so that alone is why i never use them
  • Hermes are the worst at delivering I keep getting messages saying no one was at home, but in fact i am working from home! This is happening many times, they are using this as an excuse for not delivering!
  • OceanSound
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    Link to story on this very forum, where some Hermes staff were printing labels and routing parcels to their own flat. 

    They were sentenced recently.
  • Pollycat
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    Not all Hermes couriers are bad.
    Mine is great - polite, delivers within timeframe.
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