Best park for a meet up in Birmingham?


We are thinking of travelling down to Birmingham from Manchester (by car) to meet friends outside for the rule of 6. Does anyone know the best park for picnicking/meeting up in? Preferably clean, push-chair friendly, with seating and free parking.

Local recommendations most welcome.



  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Cannon Hill Park - Birmingham's Best Day Out

    Assuming it doesn't get trashed like last week
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    Sutton park.
    Its huge so watch which gate you meet at!
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    Not Birmingham but Cannock Chase may be another just up the M6 if you're coming down from Manchester. Guess it depends on where friends are and if they can drive.
    Saves travelling into Brum unless you're going to go round the city for other attractions that have started to open up. Cannock has lots of forests, picnic areas, playgrounds depending on age range and then go ape and visitor centre.
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    tealady said:
    Sutton park.
    Its huge so watch which gate you meet at!
    Yes, I've managed to miss people I was meeting more than once for that reason.
    I'd go for Sutton rather than Cannon Hill because Cannon Hill can be heaving at times. Either way I'd take a picnic rug or folding chairs rather than relying on finding empty seats and tables. 
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    And please don't forget a big bag or box so you can take your rubbish home. Many thanks. 
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    Sutton Park is definitely good, with play areas and coffee bars at Banners Gate (A452) and Town Gate. 
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