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Trusted online store for pet pharmaceuticals?

in Pets & pet care
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I'm looking for somewhere to buy Bravecto (fleas) and Profender (worms) for my cat. I usually buy from the vet but their prices are pretty steep!
Can anyone recommend a trusted online retailer (that sells the genuine products)



  • KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    I think both of those require a prescription, Vets do charge for that and sometimes that means it doesn't work out cheaper online.
  • teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    Prescription prices were zero for a time, to let the online companies get a start , but then when reintroduced my vets charged a fair £5 . However this rose quickly and the last price I heard quoted to a client was £20 for the first and then a slightly lower fee for repeats. This seems to be a move to take back the online trade.

    When Teddy my last dog needed ongoing meds, I used Animed Direct, which is run by a vet. He/she is probably on site as the , telephone operator went to ask a question for me.

    Years ago, a friend on a Scottish island , said she saved 25% on her vet charges for the drug and didn't need to pay postage for delivery or to send a prescription, as they accept an emailed photo of the original script.
  • NaomimNaomim Forumite
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    My vet charges £12 for a prescription then I buy my dogs heart meds from petdrugsonline.  Saves me a small fortune. 
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  • pioneer31pioneer31 Forumite
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    I pay £54 for a packet of Profender (2 pipettes) and Bravecto (1 pipette) which I think is on the steep side. I know vets have to cover overheads but surely it is fairer to add those to the actual apppintments rather than repeat prescriptions? There is no work involved in selling me the same thing off the counter, repeatedly.
  • KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    Vets have much higher overheads and lesser buying power than the online pet drug websites. 
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