Are most common washers in tap half inch?



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    Thanks for replies, well as regards that image on ebay the hot and cold look the same, but the spout is not like that, like this,
    New Modern Cross Head Bathroom Chrome Basin Sink Mono Mixer Tap With Free Waste | eBay

    Ah! So the spout is different?!
    Doesn't matter - almost certainly half-inch :-)
    Might be worth a dry-run first - make sure the valves are easy to remove? Then you can confirm the size, and lightly replace the valve - it'll be super-easy to remove when you get the parts.
    I'd add a tube of silicone grease to your arsenal - give the washers a smear, ditto the threads and O ring on the valve. And if your tap isn't turning smoothly, it might also be the opportunity to sort that - easy to do, and it'll transform the way the tap operates.
    Happy you know the sequence? Plenty YouTube vids, and we can guide too.

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