Trial period in a new job

After a few weeks of uncertainty, I have been selected for a new role that is replacing my old redundant job. There will be a trial period once the new job starts. I know that can be ended by both the company and me, and we would be back to redundancy and potential settlement and payout - does anyone know under what circumstances I can end the trial period, and would that lead straight to redundancy and payout?
I was surprised when I was put at risk and have started looking around for other jobs, and the way things are I would rather leave my current employer when something suitable pops up - any chances I could still take the payout with me if I find something during the trial period?
Thanks in advance.


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    If they've found a suitable alternative position within the organisation for you. Then if you were now to leave then it would voluntary. No reason for the employer to incur the cost of your redundancy. Not you that was made redundant but your role. The position you leave still needs to be filled. 
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    Thanks for the response. The new job is not the same as my old role, just similar, and it carries more responsibility than the old role. Surely if the company during the trial period decide that I am, after all, not good enough for this new role, they can still make me redundant? Why would this not work the other way, too?
    I found this on a solicitors' website: "When an employee  resigns, or gives notice, during the trial period, or the employer dismisses, or gives notice to, the employee, then the original redundancy dismissal will stand and the employee will be entitled to a redundancy payment." 

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    Redundancy: your rights: Suitable alternative employment - GOV.UK (

    Trial periods

    You have the right to a 4 week trial period for any alternative employment you’re offered.

    The 4 week period could be extended if you need training. Any extension must be agreed in writing before the trial period starts.

    Tell your employer during the trial period if you decide the new job is not suitable. This will not affect your employment rights, including your right to statutory redundancy pay.

    You’ll lose your right to claim statutory redundancy pay if you do not give notice within the 4 week trial period.

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    Thanks, I found the above information too but it does not quite answer my question. I think I will wait until the trial period actually starts, the company should be clear on what can / cannot happen during those weeks and I can ask them then.
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