Home Haemodialysis Reimbursement for Electricity Costs

Dear Forum Members,
Can you help, I am doing some research into what arrangements are being made for patients on home haemo-dialysis.
I myself, am a home haemo-dialysis patient. (Basically my kidneys do not work and I rely on a machine to do the job of keeping my blood clean).
I have my treatment at home, and the equipment is on for most of the day. During a treatment day, the machine is on for approximately 7 - 8 hours to prepare the fluid to clean my blood and a further 9 hours of use for my treatment overnight. I repeat this 5 times a week.
I am currently being reimbursed by my local NHS Trust just under 40% of the cost of my electric to run the equipment.
What are your arrangements for reimbursement of costs from your NHS Trust, and do you think it is fair to have to pay towards a life sustaining treatment (considering the costs involved if you had your treatment 'in-centre' with the associated costs of staffing, as well as the potential cost of needing to have transport to and from the hospital).

I look forward to your views.
All the best and keep safe.


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