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I’ve done some searches on the forum for posts about Saga Pet Insurance, there’s nothing recent or relevant.
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I’m looking at Saga Pet insurance for a puppy we’re picking up this weekend. On first look it’s quite affordable; clearly laid out on the website and written in plain English. Things bothering me about the policy though are the exclusions. In particular: You can only get Loss/Theft cover under their “Super” policy. However, NO loss or theft is covered for the first 14 days. i.e. When the wee thing is at it’s most inquisitive, disoriented, potentially frightened most annoying and simultaneously cutest, most attractive, most portable and most re-sellable! Alright, as the owner I’m hardly going to be parted from the lovely thing for those two weeks, and SUPER protective but things happen, right?
Are there any alternative reliable policies without this peculiar exclusion? Or should I go with Saga but just the Essential (Mid-) level cover that has no loss/theft or accidental damage; holiday protection etc etc.
p.s. You only find this sort of thing out by checking every part of the policy information booklet. Usual insurance cover smoke and mirrors stuff.


  • sheramber
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    The exclusion on claims is to prevent a puppy going missing, and the owner then taking out insurance to claim for it.
    Yes, it does happen.
    WHich cover you take out is your choice as only you know what you might want / need to claim for.

  • Savvy_Sue
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    And isn't it quite standard for insurance not to kick in immediately? I'm sure I've seen that when people are talking about possibly changing insurers. 
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  • When I insure my house or my car I’m pretty sure I need the cover to begin immediately, in case of, well: fire, theft, injury. The things I’m insuring for!
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    It is standard with pet insurance for cover for illness to be excluded for the first 14 days, to stop people from noticing their dog is ill then hastily insuring it before going to the vet. The other cover such as for theft would be effective immediately in some policies. 
    Does your puppy not come with insurance? If it’s from a good breeder it will come with insurance to cover that interim period. 

    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • @elsien That’s a fair point, I’ll have to check, as it’s maybe something the breeder has forgotten to tell us about. Thanks 👍
  • Archie_Duke
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    I went with LV= in the end, solid insurance provider, great introductory price for Boundless members. Cover seems good, with cover benefits that are extras with other InsCos.
  • teddysmum
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    I remember people complaining of Saga's large price jump, at a younger age than other companies. Odd as they are supposed to support the elderly. 
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