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I am designing my garden at the moment, I own the fence to my left and back so not an issue. To my right is the neighbours fence and their responsibility. Their fence has the 'nice side facing their garden' and so I see the 'ugly side' the posts etc. 2 years ago some of their fence was damaged in stormy weather and they had to replace the post. This meant coming into my garden to do so which they did without my permission. I only found out when I came home to find my plant pots had been moved (not even put back!).

Anyway I'm now looking to add my own fencing or some screening with plants possible trellis (not attached to their fence) to hide the ugly fence and to give myself more privacy as they can see over the fence. 
My question is if their fence gets damaged again is it basically tough luck you should of turned your fence around? As what I'm doing to screen the fence is on my land I'm under no obligation to ensure they have access to the 'ugly' side to maintain the fence? Might be a bit un-neighbourly but we aren't exactly close neighbours and I'm quite put out they didn't ask to come into my garden.


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    Be careful you do not start a " war " that you will regret later, as for coming into your garden to fix the fence ,would you rather they waited till you were in BUT the fence came down on your lovely plants ? 
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    The fence wasn't going to come down, it was a post and two missing vertical slats and there are two horizontal supports running along top and bottom with grey metal things to attach them to the main post.
     I'm not looking to start a war but its not beyond a person who calls up and arranges work to be done to then pop over in the evening and ask for premission or at least afterwards to come over and let me know they had and apologise for lack of notice.
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    You don't need to justify what you do on your own land to your neighbour, or to the poster above, provided it's legal.
    In the case of fencing close to a boundary and not adjoining a road, you are restricted to a height of 2m unless planning permission is sought.
    That's it. Neighbour can work out their own method of fixing their fence, I'm sure.
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    Fencing round my garden 2 sides & back all have the "ugly" side facing my garden. I have put climbers all the way round ( roses/clematis/honeysuckle) the only time I see my fence is in the winter. Repairing the fence doesn't really matter as if a panel blows out I just remove the ties change the panel refit the ties. But you are right it is nice to ask permission for someone to come into your garden I do with mine & we have been neighbours for 30 years
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