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Hi all I’m seeking advice from anyone who might be able to help. My mum (85) bought some advance hearing aids from specsavers last September. She paid £1500 for them and they have never worked properly for her. She’s been back and forth with them having them tweaked and still they’re not right and now the left one has stopped working. I emailed them saying we believe them to not be fit for purpose. Their response is to send them to the manufacturer under their warranty to see if their faulty. They will only offer a partial refund of 10%. 
The stress and anxiety this is causing my mum is unreal, she has no faith in the hearing aids at all and is very concerned that she’s wasted such a lot of money. 
Do we have any chance of any help from them at all? They seemed quite dismissive when they rang me today, as if they don’t care. 
She should’ve researched this more and discussed it but she’s 85! She went with what they said was best! 
I’m furious but feel it’s a lost cause sadly. 
I’d appreciate any help and advice


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    Sorry - no personal experience of hearing aids - but you may get more response to this in the Consumer Rights section?

    It doesn't sound reasonable to me that getting them checked by the manufacturer is a satisfactory response.  She was paying for a professional service, which must surely include assessing whether a product is suitable for an individual, rather than that it just functions as intended by the manufacturer.  Maybe RNID could provide some advice as to what you should reasonably expect from a dispenser?
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    Can't comment on whether specsavers aids are good or not.
    But can say that, in my experience, some 80+ year olds never actually put the things in their ears properly (though they swear they do, but no, they don't) and so of course they don't work as intended.
    So I would suggest you check she is actually using them right - taking her back to specsavers and getting hem to witness what she's doing.  
    You might have already done this, but I thought it worth checking, just in case.
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