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I was due to fly to South Africa in July along with 3 other people, however due to the current world events we sought to look into a refund/voucher from the airline.

on the 18/02/21 I searched the options with Lufthansa in the "manage booking" section and it offered the option for either a refund or a voucher.

Due to the fact it offered the refund option I opted for this. I clicked refund button and the next window displayed the amount which we initially paid for the flights, 3640.44 euro.  

I proceeded with the process to apply for the refund and I received an email stating that a request was made. 

on the 28/02/21 I contacted Lufthansa via telephone as I still had not heard anything in relation to my refund. 

The customer Service agent stated a refund was authorised on the 27/02/21 and that we should receive it within the next few days. 

However, he proceeded to tell me that we would only be refunded the taxes which were paid for each person, approx. 86.00 per person. 

I told the customer service agent this was completely unacceptable and at no stage was I ever informed that our refund amount would be 86.00 euro person. He then informed me that if I had contacted Lufthansa prior to the refund being authorised then we could have opted for the voucher. 

I explained to him, how did he expect me to know this information when I was not told?! 

At this stage we are set to receive an amount of 86.00 euro each which I am disgusted with. There was NO information provided to me at the time of applying for a refund stating "I would only refund the refund for taxes." The refund amount of 3640.44 euro was the only amount displayed to me within the refund section. 

I have emailed Lufthansa customer service. 

Is anyone able to provide any further information as to how I may be able to receive a full amount either as a refund or voucher?


  • Can you just clarify if you were due to travel July 20 or July 21?   If the latter it seems mighty soon to be requesting anything.  If it was July 20 was the flight cancelled?   
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    Yes, it looks as though you may have jumped the gun. If LH still plan to operate the flight and you chose to cancel the booking, the only entitlement is to refund of taxes, or at their discretion a voucher. This is assuming your booking is for July 21
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    Airline tickets are generally non-refundable and non-flexible. During the Covid pandemic most airlines are offering some waivers and flexibility. The Lufthansa options available are detailed on their website:

    As others have said you may have been too early. It seems that you've requested to cancel the flight and they've done so as per the fare rules for your ticket. 

    You could have rebooked for future dates or requested travel credit. 

    From memory the Lufthansa website is quite detailed when cancelling flights and gives you a breakdown of what would be refunded. If it did display the 3640.44 and you had proof of that then you’d maybe have a case.

    Only thing I can think is if you can get them to issue a travel voucher less what has been refunded. But they don’t have to do that.
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    If you've cancelled a non-refundable ticket for July 2021 then you've jumped the gun. Only element the airline is currently duty bound to refund is the taxes. 
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    Lufthansa & Brussels Airline have always offered an easy option to cancel.
    However it does state it is subject to your original tickets flexibility.
    There is a link which you can click before you pull the trigger.
    It would then show what elements of each ticket will be refunded.
    Current example here. Quite clear on the "cheap seats" which will be most bookings what you get back.
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    Star Alliance in general have some of the better airlines for showing exactly what you're owed. Lufthansa are a member of Star Alliance.

    In this case, you'll need to prove to them an issue in their system, as from what I can see, assuming a non-flexible ticket, they are in the right here in only refunding taxes. If you re-request a voucher minus refund, you may be lucky and receive this, however as it has been dealt with in the manner that you have requested, there is no automatic legal right to this on the condition that you can't prove what you're telling us here (I have no reason to not believe you).

    I have refund experience with LOT, who share the same booking system/frequent flyer program (it was them cancelling though, not me), and this was a painless experience once I'd got someone on the phone.
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    If this is for July 2021 you may have pre-empted the situation but if July 2020 it would seem unfair. I was refunded, eventually!, the full cost of flights cancelled last summer. I complained to the Lufthansa chief officer. His address is carst[email protected] and copied customer.relations at into the message
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