Experian fraudulent credit report application letter

Hope this is the right board for this particular issue. Two of my relatives have received letters from Experian, but to an old address they no longer live at. Both letters state that there have been online applications to subscribe to their credit files (one with Experian direct, the other with a service which I think it run by Experian but branded differently). My relatives did not make these applications. The letters appear to be genuine at a first pass.

The applications have been blocked by Experian because they believe a third party has tried to gain access to their credit reports fraudulently. Experian also say that they have placed CIFAS markers on their files. 

Also included with the letter is:
- an explanatory leaflet on CIFAS
- An application for a 'statutory experian credit report' 
- A 'password submission form' (To be honest this threw me a bit; given it asks for a password to be written down, but it appears to be to place a password on the credit report rather than asking for anything existing).

The letter then basically advises them to look at their credit reports to see if there is anything unusual. It also strays into something that almost resembles marketing of Experian services, which is a bit ironic given that it appears to be Experian who raised the problem in the first place.

My questions are:
- What are the best steps to take next?
- Should they put a password on their credit report?
- Anything to be particularly aware of regarding the CIFAS marker? 

Basically, any advice is welcome. 


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    They should register for the free account with the three credit reference agencies, if they have an account it will make it much harder for someone else to create one, they can also see if anyone else applies for credit in their name.

    They might not need the password on their account yet, that is usually done in cases of ID fraud but it might be worthwhile to put their mind at rest. Both the password and the protective CIFAS marker will make obtaining credit slower than it would otherwise be, but it will not cause any rejections when they themselves make a legitimate application. 
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