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Hi people,
I'm a newbie here so apologies if I'm posting to the wrong place. Basically I'm trying to improve my credit score and wondering why it won't seem to budge from 'very poor' despite making sure I'm doing all the things suggested to increase your score over this past year. .. then hang on a minute!  what's this letter I've just opened - a company called BW Legal are claiming I owe then £188 for a talktalk debt. ..Ok I get it!  Bingo! is this the reason my credit score refuses to budge? But on googling BW Legal I come up with an astounding amount of VERY bad reviews. Basically I now don't trust this company and so I'm very reluctant to pay the £188. 
What do I do peeps?? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Ignore your score.  The data on your file is what is important.

    Does this debt appear on your credit files at all? If it doesn't, it's not whats causing your issues.

    As far as their reviews go, well, they're a debt collector. Do you really expect them to get glowing reviews?  Do you actually owe TalkTalk £188 or not?
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    Check your credit file from all 3 CRAs - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. There's probably a default on there somewhere which is why the debt collectors are going after you. Do you actually agree that you owe the money though? If so, contact them and arrange to pay it off ASAP. If not, and you think it is fraudulent then complain to them. Send them a "prove it" letter and challenge the debt, and push for it to me removed from your files.
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    Your credit history will be impacted by missed payments/defaults and perhaps even a CCJ from this debt
    Check all three main companies (MSE Credit Club for Experian, Clear Score for Equifax and Credit Karma for TransUnion) and see where this debt comes from.

    Paying off your debt will probably make your score go down as they always react to changes on your credit history but it'll be this debt that is making your credit rating poor

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    Also sometime is take a month or two for your file to be update a friend on mine had a ccj and it took 3 months before it shown up on her Experian report 
    contact talk talk and see if there is anything there in your name they can also tell you who “bought the debt” so you will get a name of the company as well.
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    sophj said:

    contact talk talk, they can tell you who “bought the debt” so you will get a name of the company as well.
    BW Legal bought the debt, they are a debt purchasing/recovery law firm, so its really handy to handle litigation "inhouse".

    OP send them the PROVIT letter, available from the sticky thread on the DFW board.

    A DCA must provide evidence of your liability when asked to do so, ignore the reviews, deal with them in writing only, and in a business like manner.
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