Newbie very first diary

Could someone talk me through how to post a debt diary? Do I just post it here or is there a special place to do it? TIA


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    You've already started one, Getmynickelback! Just type your diary posts here on the thread you've just created & that's your debtfree diary.
    Good luck!
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    That was your first entry on your very own debt free diary :smile: Good luck
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    Congratulations on starting your very first diary! Lots of luck :) 
    Life gets in the way...PADding is addictive... Saving's better than spending...
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    Thanks everyone :) just worked out how to get back into this thread 😀 I’m going to declare my debts as they were in October then add what they are now. 
    October 2020
    overdraft 267.25
    student overdraft 1635.74
    bank loan. 810.27
    aqua card 952.31
    very 2846.50
    barclaycard 545.99
    vanquis 22.94
    new look 63.05
    brighthouse 369.36
    rent arrears. 400.00 (approx)
    TOTAL: 7913.41

    Debts Today:
    overdraft 0 
    student overdraft 777.59
    bank loan. 495.85
    aqua 0
    very 0
    barclaycard. 470.65
    vanquis. 0
    New look. 15
    brighthouse 213.84
    capital one card. 2375.40
    TOTAL: 4348.33

    Have paid 3565.08 to debts since November. The biggest change was when aqua increased my credit limit: I used this to pay off very account. I than got capital one card at 0 percent for 18 months and transfered the aqua debt to that which saved me so much. I was paying approx £70 interest a month on very and £30 interest approx to aqua. I now pay £150 a month to capital one so that debts will be cleared before interest free period ends. My bank loan and brighthouse are fixed payments and will be paid off by December.  My student overdraft is interest free (for now) but want it cleared before it converts into a graduate account. I bloody hate paying interest, it makes me so angry to think of the amount I’ve paid to interest over the years but anyway I’ve hopefully learned my lesson and can stick to this plan. Good luck everyone, can’t wait to say I’m debt free :)
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    Forgot to add, my council ran a covid housing payment which helped me to clear the rent arrears :)
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    Well done so far, you are already doing amazingly! 
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    So had to use £100 of the student overdraft to fix the car, the last time I had to use the aqua card so don’t feel as bad still it’s still interest free. Got flights and apartment booked abroad for June. If it’s not cancelled I’m going to need to spend £264 to renew me and sons passport. They expire in August but brexit means I need 6 months on it b4 travel 😭 also it’s taking 10 WEEKS for standard renewal so can’t risk doing it that way. PLUS probably need to pay at least £600 for pcr tests PLUS £500 still to pay to apartment. Then taxis to airport and spending money 😢. Would be easier just to cancel but I really really really want some sunshine. Arrgghh. Need to just wait and see what happens. Part of me wants to just pay anything if it means holiday but other part just wants to clear off these debts. Hopefully get answers soon!
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    I know you won't like this but if you want to meet your targets you really cannot afford to go on a sunshine holiday.
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