Late payment marker off Santander for paid off and closed credit card

Im after a bit of advice here, and will try to keep it concise...
Last October I was buying a house, and my mortgage offer was made (in principle) based on me clearing a balance of around 4700 I had on my Santander credit card.
I called up on 16/10/20, asked for my settlement figure and paid it there and then, during the call I also asked if there was any trailing interest, which there turned out to be, so I paid that too (they show on my bank statement coming out same day too).
I had moved house a few months earlier which was temporary whilst I bought this new house, it hadn't crossed my mind to update Santander as I was clearing the balance and leaving them, plus my account was paperless so all contact should have been email or secure message.
at end of December I got a letter in the post (occupants of my old house had posted a few letters to me that had gone the old house still), unfortunately the dog torn most up, but I could make out one was from Santander, so called them to see what it was for.
turns out after I had cleared my balance and closed the account, a previous charge back I had done for a holiday that couldn't go ahead, had been returned, so my balance went back to 1600. they say they sent 2 letters out (to address they had on file) at the end of October and were contacted via online chat to discuss them, but I have only ever called them unless specifically directed from secure message on my account to a live chat.
when I received the torn letter end of December and called them straight away, they explained the situation and I said id clear the balance within the week (given the fact I needed the balance gone for my mortgage) but made a payment of around £100 just for now. I asked if there was any credit file issue and was told no.
due to the time that had elapsed sorting my mortgage out, I needed to do another application, but this time it came back declined. turns out they had put a late payment marker on my credit file.
ive complained to them, and they have responded 3 times with 3 different answers/reasons. none of which are taking into account any of the evidence ive told the initial advisor about. the complaint handlers dealing with my complaint each time refuse to contact me to discuss and wont take my evidence to show I was living elsewhere (council tax, virgin, tenancy etc).
ive explained to them that if I had contacted them, there is no way I would just ignore a balance given how important it was to me getting the mortgage and house I wanted.
this house has now gone, ive lost out on the survey I paid for as a result and the broker fee I paid to get me the mortgage. to top it off I was even declined a balance transfer credit card due to the recent late payment, and ive never been declined credit in my life. ive now gone to the FOS but I was hoping for some advice as this has already affected me for 3 months and cost my financially.
hope someone can offer some words of wisdom


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    You'll just have to hope that FOS show some sympathy, but I think the odds will be against you, given the debt was a true one and they tried to contact you about it.

    Assuming it doesn't get changed, the late marker will quickly fade in importance.
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