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Credit Club can’t get access even though details appear correct?

Just received email from credit club re my credit check. So am recently widowed and financial details have changed considerably since death of my husband I thought I’d check. I passed the credit club questions easily but failed the Experian ones, where or why I’ve no idea & have been going round in circles trying to correct/find out why! The Credit club takes me to registration page where I was able to amend the financial details for being a widow. All the other details were correct. But I keep failing the Experian entry even though looking at the details held I can see they are correct! The credit club say because I keep failing the Experian entry. That’s it I can’t get into either accounts, & I’m stuck? No helpful advice or links?
Anyone on here got any advice please?


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    Speak to experian directly: 
    That link has FAQs and phone number / address
    I would also suggest you get onto ClearScore (for Equifax) and Credit Karma (for TransUnion) - both are free to access so be wary of any sites charging you for this access
    My condolences for your loss.

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