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Hi guys, I booked some flights from UK to USA back in December for this April at the cost of £820. I booked the flights through Opodo.
Looking at moving these flights to October, checking Delta's website the flights come up at about £950 so obviously willing to pay that difference but when contacting both Delta and Opodo, they want an additional £1400~ to change the flights. I don't understand why the difference is so large and when asking them it's basically "suck it up". They won't issue a refund (cash or voucher) but legally I'm not allowed to travel.
Is there anything else I can do or have I got to write off £820?


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    You would be best reading the waiver rules here
    It was a pretty bad move choosing to book with a (much complained about) third party rather than directly with the airline as you will end up incurring additional fees even if the airline were to cancel the flights and issue a refund to Opodo
    Did you manage to purchase travel insurance that will cover you if international travel is still banned in April? (I admire your optimism that you thought an April trip would be possible....I have one for the end November booked and already feel that it is unlikely to happen - although I booked directly with the airline and know what my options will be)
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    Thanks Caz, the additional £1400 isn't a "fee" but just the change in ticket cost apparently. Even though new flights are only £900~ total. So them waiving fees is technically accurate. I just can't get my head around why the ticket change value is so high considering new flights are roughly the same as what I already paid.
    Yes, stupid for booking with Opodo. Lesson learnt.
    Travel insurance would only cover me if I catch COVID and unable to travel rather than local laws permitting me to travel unfortunately. 
    I get airlines are trying to recoup costs etc for the last year but this seems like day light robbery.
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