Student told to pay first year of tuition fees before end of term.

My grandaughter has been told she has to pay this years tuition fees before the end of this term. She  dropped out  the first  course she was on  and was told that she would have to start the new course in the following academic year. She did this  and also changed from a 4 ear course to a 3 year course. As far as she was aware it was just a formality. 
She started the new course in September 2020.All was going well and the new course is much better for her. But then ,out of the blue, her access was stopped and she received a demand for the full tuition fees for the whole year. Access will not be restored until she pays up. 
Has this happened to you or anyone you know? Can she fight this or does she have to pay? If she does have to pay  how does a 20 year old get almost £10000  at short notice?
The family are all struggling  financially so its  a very worrying  problem.


  • She should have already made payments at the start of term 1 and term 2.

    If she's not yet paid anything, that would probably explain why they're now asking for the full amount. 

    She should pay her arrears immediately and then ask if she can remain on the usual schedule - but remember the final installment is due by the start of the third term, so she doesn't have long. She should have most, if not all, of the funding in place by now.
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    She doesnt have funding for this year . Thats the problem. The year she started and ended early was counted as one year which means that there was no funding for this year. They just didnt tell her that.
    Hence now she has this demand. And  has no way to raise this amount of money in so short an amount of time.
  • Then she needs to talk to them to see what sort of repayment plan they might accommodate. But I imagine she's going to need to make a fairly decent offer and certainly get it all paid before the end of the first year.
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    Is the demand to pay the tuition fee for the current year of the course that she is taking, or for the first year of the course that she left?

    If the fee for the original course was paid by Student Finance but she left because it was "not fit for purpose" she could request that the payment made then could be transferred to cover the current course.
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