Should I cancel credit card?

I’ve just had a letter from Halifax, saying they they are going to cancel my Clarity Credit Card. To be fair to them, I don’t use it. I got it in 2016 as it was a Best Buy for overseas travel. (Obviously not been doing much of that for the past 12 months, and don’t see myself doing it in the near future. 

I have a number of credit cards but ulization wise I’m only using ~7%. 

Is it better for my credit score to keep the card (which is just sitting empty but with £4000 credit available on it)? 


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    You don't have a credit score. Just credit history.

    If they're closing your account, there's no point in keeping the card. But if you have the choice to keep the account open, then do so.  The low limit suggests you have a fairly thin file.

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