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My partner has been pulled in for his performance review for 2020. The has scored a 1 even though he has met all of his targets and the reason give was your emails are to long. He requested a grievance given he has done much more work that his role required and at no time in 2020 was his performance highlighted or discussed. After requesting the grievance HR got involved and have offered an under the table settlement without addressing the grievance. He has taken a few days off sick with work related stress to think about what has happened as he is shell shocked. Yesterday while off sick and not having signed any agreement or his employment being terminated by the company or him terminating his employment his direct line manager has announced to the company he has left. His line managers boss is on leave and back on Monday HR have attempted to coherse me into getting him to sign the under table agreement. His line manager has been riding on the backs of the whole team for a long time and projects which have time limits are now about to fail because he has cut so many people. This is personal as many of the team feel the line manager is worried he will get exposed and my partner is the next senior who could do this. Any advice to help on any of this as failings ? 


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    To be fair to the company if they feel the emails are too long that can be a performance issue. After all somebody else has to read it all to make sure they have not missed something. They obviously feel he is putting to much information in the emails that is not needed so wasting others people time even if he is meeting his own targets.


    I am not sure why he put a grievance in as surely that was something quite easily to be discussed. Granted they should have informed him before.


    Although to me there is probably more to this then your partner is saying, most companies would not offer an under the table offer just because someone put a grievance in about a performance issue when there has not been one before. Especially not to someone who has been meeting all the other targets.  

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