Notice of Pending Legal Action

I've received a  'Notice of Pending Legal Action' letter from Lowell Solicitors on 11/02/2021.

The debt was originally from a paypal (Hire Purchase) in early of  May 2015.

I did pay repayment once then stopped. I think that this is now statute barred but I can't be sure.

There's nothing on my credit file but Lowell keep sending letter regarding about this debt from last year 2020, but  I never responded them, because I don’t know who are they? I was shock how did they find out my new address because I still didn’t change my new address for this debt, It was in old address.

How to find out my debt is statute barred or not? And also please help me, what is my next move? I am so confused please help me. I will attach my letter please help me. What am going to do now?

Thank you 🙏 

This is the letter 


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    Thank you for your  amazing reply. 
  • denowdenow Forumite
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    Are you disputing the debt? I don't understand, why did you stop paying it?
  • denowdenow Forumite
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    I just did a Google as I didn't know what 'Statute Barred' means. If you are in England it is 6 years so looks like you're going to need to pay the debt.
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    I would contact them and try to set up a payment plan. They said they're not adding interest, fees, or charges so you should be able to chip away it throughout the year and get it taken care of, assuming you have some kind of income stream. That's not a huge amount of money so even a small monthly payment should get you there fairly quickly I would think. 
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    Just under £50 a month would clear it in 2 years.
    I would discuss a payment plan, especially as it appears there is no interest or additional charges on the letter you've posted.

    Best to have an agreement in place even if a small amount (As long as its manageable to you) than they start court proceedings.
    LBM 02/01/2021 (£52,000)
    Now 02/02/2023 (£31,296)
    40% of original debt cleared
    2023 1% of total debt as of 02.01.23 is £324
    2023 = 3.4% repaid (Target 60%)

    Mortgage = £57,917.70 (2.14% Nov 2023)
    Credit Card Virgin = £5621 (0% Nov 2024) £56 (1%)/mth
    Loan Admiral = £25,675 (2.8% APR) £321/mth

    2023 challenges
    Emergency Fund = £0/£1000
    Clear all debt by xmas 2023 challenge (#53) £0/£3000 (not including min payments, overpayments counted only for this challenge)
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    it won't be statute barred as it was taken out less than 6 years ago.  Did they enclose CCJ forms with the paperwork?
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