Can BT disconnect you if they haven’t billed you?

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I’m looking for some advice for an elderly friend. Last January I sorted out his telephone contract with BT. He had been on an expensive contract with broadband which he didn’t need. In Jan 2020 BT put him on a simple phone package and credited his account. In June 2020 he received a bill for £6 that he paid. He did not receive any further bills until Jan 2021 when he received a Hugh bill of £171 for the phone and charges for non payment of bills he had never been sent. He contacted BT and they told him that due to COVID they had suspended sending Bills and that it was his responsibility to call them to find out how much he owed. Reluctantly he paid the money although they did credit his account by £63. A couple of weeks later they disconnected his line  for non payment, this despite having paid bills as they arrived and having an account in credit. He has only just told me. His line is currently disconnected so I am looking for advice before I call them. I can’t believe that it is the customers responsibility to call them for a bill and how COVID can affect a computerised billing system is a mystery.


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