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Disabled facilities grant

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well. 
There are 4 of us living in a 3 bedroom * house. A couple, my visually impaired son (18) and his brother (16)

 My 18 year old has the third bedroom. *The ceiling height is very low, around 6.5 near the entrance, after a couple of feet in,  it then slopes down with a velux window.  
All our bedrooms are in a loft conversation but The other two bedrooms do not have this issue . 
Do you think this room would qualify as a bedroom with low ceilings? If not does that mean we are effectively 4 people in a 2 bed house?

We can’t swap the rooms around as my 16 year old is very tall. 
If this room doesn’t qualify as a bedroom does that mean we might qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant for my VI son? I would really like him to have a room with a proper window so he can use his long vision more. 
It wasn’t a problem when he was younger because he only used his room for sleep. 
My husband has an ok salary on his P60 around 32k but the mortgage companies are not using overtime at the moment so we are unable to borrow any more as only using his basic of 25k. 
Am I right in thinking that the grant isn’t means tested for under 19’s? 

Thank you.


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    Also please be kind, I’m struggling with my own physical and mental health at the moment. 
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    My thoughts are that the 18yo needs can be met by giving him the other room even though the 16 yo might be disadvantaged in the other room.
    If you own the house there is nothing laid down to define what a bedroom is. The fact that a person is currently sleeping in there proves it is a bedroom. 
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    It doesn't sound like that would be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant - and at 18 (depends on the exact circumstances) DFG becomes means tested. With the DFG means test, if you earn enough to pay for a mortgage you probably earn too much to get a DFG.
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    Am I right in thinking that the grant isn’t means tested for under 19’s? 

    Thank you.

    At this age they are an adult in their own right. Unless they are in full time no advanced education and you're still claiming child benefit for them then then it will be means tested at his age. Although it's very unlikely you will get a DFG for this reason.
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