Advice please: Sewing needle to re-attach buttons to coat

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Please help.
I bought a lovely, warm, REALLY THICK wool blend coat, similar to this coat:
Unfortunately some of the buttons have already fallen off and while I don't want to return the coat I obviously need the buttons back on.
I have tried to stitch back those 4 hole buttons to big coats like this with your run of the mill poundland needles, and I succeded after much pain and difficulty.
I figure this could be done easier if I had a needle that is right for the fabric but after a google search, while a lot of information came up I am none the wiser for it, I still couldn't identify which needle would best meet my needs. 
So I come to you lovely people for advice please. Which needle would best suit me to re-attach my buttons to my coat?
Does it affect what type of needle I need the fact that the buttons are a bit curved, like the ones in the link?
Do I need a more specific type of thread so I'm not having to re-attach these buttons every few months?

Many thanks in advanced for any help you can give.


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