Good value vegetable and flower seeds

The Co-Op supermarket has vegetable and flower seeds at 3 packets for £1. They are close to the fruit and veg in the store. This is in the E Midlands.


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    Sadly not here in Somerset.
    But the DIY shop has had gardening stuff in including seeds, bulbs and tubers as has Poundland - aparantly it's a supply issue with the stuff they usually sell this time of year so we're seeing more gardening stuff in earlier :)

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    Lidl usually arrive about mid February. Wilko had a much smaller selection than in previous years last time I was near one. 

    Watch out for the pound shops. Some of them think nothing of putting out the packs that failed to sell last year, contain potatoes that sprouted and died, dried bulbs and dead sticks. Although there can be some bargains if you find fresh plants. Just be very careful of anything label blueberry as it's usually the European moorland variety not American highbush.

    And check the sell by date on seeds, it should be at least 18 months.
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    Thompson & Morgan online were recently doing seeds down to £1 a packet with free postage.  Definitely depleted stocks locally even Home Bargains which is usually a reliable source.
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    Just been into Li* and they have their seed display up. Obviously been there a day or two but still fairly full. Small packs are still £1 for 5 and large packs 5 for £2.

    It's half the size of previous years; two racks back to back not four on a carousel.
    Whilst the flower choices in the small packs are similar to previous years the choice of veggies is massively reduced; lettuce, radish, salad onions, onions, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes and a few other bits. Still got a small useful range of herbs.
    The bulk of the rack was given over to their more expensive packs and tapes, so watch what you choose.

    However the large packs include Scarlet Runners, "runner" (climbing French) beans, peas, sugar snaps and dwarf French beans, making them an excellent budget choice (£2 for one of each) for legumes even if the range is less than previously. 

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    If you're not able to get to LIdl, or if you want more variety, I've used a lot this year.  They have a lot of choice, many are around £1 and they only charge £1.15 postage unless you're ordering a lot at once.  More importantly, they're quick and the website has mostly stayed open this year.

    Previously I've used MoreVeg (smaller, cheaper packets), real seeds (heritage and open pollinated varieties) and Chiltern seeds, but all those sites have been closed a lot this year due to fulfilling large volumes of orders.

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    I got a catalogue from DT Brown  seeds with my gardeners world magazine.
    Their prices & range looks decent although I'm a newbie gardener so I've not bought from them & so can't comment on quality 
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    I usually stock up on DT Browns £1 packets at one of the autumn shows I help staff. Not a huge range usually but the quality if fine and some stuff excellent value (about 25% normal price). But their postage and package was quite high and I had access to discount on Dobies, who charged a third the postage and packaging even when it included garlic etc.
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