Another PIP thread sorry


My husband has had his PIP assessment on 21st January. I've heard people ring up to get their report sent? When do I do this, I'm so sick with worry about what they may have said after reading so many horror stories!

He is struggling lots at the moment, I have put off applying before because It sounds very stressful and like they dont want to award for mental health conditions only. we read the descriptors though and tried to get the point across how bad he is but I still wonder what they will have written :/ 

We are in an ongoing battle with ESA, applied Feb 2020 and still hasnt had an assessment all to do with the UCB they issued him with based on his answers!! And then DWP 'lost' his ESA50 form... finally sent another one back beginning of January and hoping to get an assessment done asap, health centres responded to my complaint basically blaming DWP for all the delays and failures and that they will prioritise him for a telephone assessment ASAP. Does anyone else find all this so overwhelming? My husband doesn't do too well on the phone but if he didnt have me he would never have sorted all this out. I wonder how many other people go without their entitlement because they dont have the capability to fight for themselves. Rant over :)


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    If you phone up for the report and it arrives before the decision is made, then it will tell you what the outcome is likely to be.  If it's favourable then you can almost relax (not completely until you get the actual decision through) and if not then you can start preparing for a Mandatory Reconsideration if it turns out the DM only goes by the report and not the facts of the case.

    If the report is not favourable, don't take it personally.  Just focus on challenging the decision and the reasoning.  If you wish to put in a complaint about the assessor you have the right to do so, but that is a separate issue and should be done once the most important bit - the MR request - is done.  That is what will challenge the award and get things moving to get the correct decision, a complaint about the assessor won't.
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    Ok fab thank you. Do I just call the customer service line? 

    I won't necessarily complain about PIP, unless obviously shes written a load of lies. He mentioned how hes got no enjoyment in life, he struggles to get out of bed, he doesnt really do anything I make his food as he gets so irritable with the smallest thing atm. She asked about his previous attempt to take his life last year and then about his treatment currently I'm really hoping it works in our favour we sent his GP records and letters of deterioration and the report from the attempted suicide. Fingers crossed I just really want to afford to pay for private therapy again. 
    Many thanks. 
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    Yes you just call the PIP number, for DWP (not the assessment service).

    I hope it turns out to have gone well so you don't have to fight for it, but if you do have to we are here to help and support if need be :)
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