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Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to the people on this board; in particular, Sourcrates and Fatbelly. Your collective knowledge has helped me loads over the past two years.

My story, I was granted a DRO 08/01/2020 and I have just completed my one year moratorium period. I have taken screenshots from the bankruptcy register and it indeed says that I was discharged on 08/01/2021 which is what I expected.

I am keeping an eye in my credit reports and intend to use DebtCamel's tidy up in the next few months once I've given the various groups chance to update their/my record.

My query is that on my Clearscore report I can see that there is an upcoming change to my report in relation to my DRO. It states "Court Date" 01/08/2020 and then a "set aside" date of 01/08/2021. As far as I'm aware, my DRO is now completed and the register seems to correlate to my assumption. What does this new change mean?


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    Hi. Thanks for your kind words. Did you post under a different name or were you just reading other peoples' threads?

    I'm pleased your DRO completed successfully.

    Clearscore is Equifax I think - are you just looking at American dates there - month/day/year?
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    Mostly other threads but I did have an account which you both answered some questions too - again much appreciated, you have both offered me much reassurance. 

    In Clearscore it actually states "01 Aug 2020" and "01 Aug 2021", you make a very good point and it may be parsing an American format incorrectly! I have checked my MSE Credit Club report and no new changes are showing there. Fingers crossed that it is just a case of a bug. I just saw "set aside date" and panicked with visions of not completing successfully!
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    I wouldn’t worry too much what these 3rd party sites show, as long as the information is basically correct, the format they use can be confusing at times.
    Well done for completing your DRO, new start for you now.
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