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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I return the 'free' sawhorse that arrived after I cancelled the order?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I return the 'free' sawhorse that arrived after I cancelled the order?

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This week's MoneySaver who wants advice asks...

 I ordered a sawhorse from a well-known DIY retailer and it qualified for free next-day delivery. After two weeks it hadn't arrived, so I contacted the retailer which said it had problems with the courier and gave me a refund. I reordered it and collected the item from its local store, but two days later the original order arrived, meaning I had two but had only paid for one. I'm annoyed it arrived so late and I had to go to the store, so was going to give the second sawhorse away, but should I return it?

Unfortunately the MSE team can't always answer money moral dilemma questions as contributions are often emailed in or suggested in person. They are intended to be a point of debate and discussed at face value.

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  • PedrograndePedrogrande Forumite
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    I recently ordered some items from an electrical spares company online costing about £15.  They sent me a couple of the wrong items, but also some extra stuff that I didn’t order.  The value of goods I received was around £50.  I did the honest thing and told them about their mistake.  It was a painful process which ended up me being out of pocket as I had to reorder the correct items incurring a 2nd postage fee which was supposed to be refunded but wasn’t.
    So if I get a similar mistake from this company, I will ensure I’m not left out of pocket again..  Other then that, I would always contact the seller and let them know they can collect at your convenience.
  • pixiebel81pixiebel81 Forumite
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    In the time it to you to email money saving expert with this dilemma you could have emailed the company themselves asking them what to do.
  • Patricia01Patricia01 Forumite
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    I had a similar issue with some gin I ordered - I emailed the company to let them know, and they told me to keep it as an apology for the inconvenience 
  • BonyTonyBonyTony Forumite
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    Why not contact the store (by email), explain the circumstances, and ask them to come and collect it, if they want it back?  They may say keep it.  But morally it does belong to them, so give them the chance to decide what they want to do with the saw-horse.
    I think that’s a great suggestion!  You might get lucky and get it for free... then flog it on eB**. 
    Nothing lost though as it’s not rightfully yours...  at the end of the day, you got what you wanted.  If you finish up with two, at least you don’t have a conscience to live with! 👍😊. Nice one @CapricornLass!
  • cotsvalecotsvale Forumite
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    Yes, you should return it. It arriving late was probably not their fault. Someone has had to pay for the materials, for it being made and for packaging and postage. In these times where business are struggling and just out of plain honesty , you should contact them. I had a similar thing happen and was told to keep the item. Clean conscience.
  • Pete77778Pete77778 Forumite
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    I had this problem with a motorbike accessory I ordered.  Still no sign of it after a month. They admitted it hadn't been delivered but it took two more months of argument before I got a refund. Four months later it arrived. After all the trouble I'd had with them I though F. you and kept it.
  • fliesflies Forumite
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    You should return it. Keeping it is stealing. 
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