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Advice for living with elderly blind cat

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bbatbbat Forumite
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Hi All
Does anyone on the forum live with a blind cat? My very (very) elderly cat has just lost his sight. He knows where key things are like sofa, bed, water, food, litter tray. But I'm after any other tips or useful info.
Ps-he has been to the vet to confirm the sight loss.


  • Trina90Trina90 Forumite
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    I did many years ago as a teenager (my parents got her as a kitten before I was born). She lived until 18, when I was 15. Nothing really changed when she went blind, they are great at adapting. She did escape out of the house once, as the urge to be outside was still there after being an outdoor cat for most of her years. Something to be wary of. We found her, with the help of a neighbour, and she was fine. Sorry I don't have any more tips or advice.
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  • SootySweep1SootySweep1 Forumite
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    Our previous cat went blind. He managed OK and to be honest you'd struggle to tell when he was on familiar territory & we hadn't moved furniture etc around.
    We had builders in & we warned them but I don't think they initially believed us until he fell down a hole they created by lifting some floor boards ! It wasn't a deep hole & he wasn't hurt 😃
    He was incredibly independent and still wanted to go out in the garden. He had a number of sunbathing spots depending on the time of day.
  • The_LibrarianThe_Librarian Forumite
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    I had a lovely cat who went blind. He was very independent, and still enjoyed going outside and sunning himself in the garden, and like others have said, as long as you don't move the furniture he'll be fine. 

    There used to have a gap in the fence which he used to get between the front and back garden. When the fence was replaced, we had to request a hole cut in it for him, as he was so used to his 'cut through'. The workmen thought I was mad until, having removed the old fence, they saw him robotically following an invisible 'path' to the chalk line where I had told them to put the hole in order to get through to the back garden!
  • hob_nob_bobhob_nob_bob Forumite
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    I've never had a blind cat, but did have a dog who went blind and deaf; he lived to just under eighteen. He managed so well, I think probably mostly because of a dog's great sense of smell (unsure how this compares to cats). He'd easily find his bed and food etc, and loved to potter in the garden. Good luck!
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