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Chihuahua - My pet bleeding drops ???... :(

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Chihuahua - My pet bleeding drops ???... :(

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Hi All,
I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread but i just just lots and lots of advise. PLEASE.
We have a little 7 month old puppy, (her mum was a bit naughty) so she is half's, quarters, three quarters, fulls, or what ever you wish to think etc....Chihuahua,  shih tzu and toy poodle, etc.... Mainly she is a DITTO of a chihuahua. Recently we noticed that she is bleeding from somewhere. Not heavily but in just drops, i mean like may 7-8 drops a day of blood a day.  She is so lov'ED that she sleeps in our bed snuggled up and when in the morning ,you see all these 4-5 blood stains of blood drops...
This morning also i noticed blooded on her poo sheet/matt (not after pooing, she was just sat there. I tell you what ?... me and my Mrs. are a bunch of pet lovers / carers but dum and daft. even when she sit on the sofa for about 1-2 hrs, there will be 2-3- blood stains.....
please kindly advice as you all know vet bills are so high.
I thank you all lots and await to hear from someone.
Kind Regards



  • Carrot007Carrot007 Forumite
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    Take to vets.

    A good one.

    Older staff preferential as tounger ones just like to order tests.

    If you cannot afford a decent vets then find someone else to take car of the dog.

    Expect to pay many many thousands out over the dogs life. However as a puppy surly it is insured? WIll be to late to do it now after something has occured.

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    HampshireHHampshireH Forumite
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    Yup sounds like she is in season.

    Agree with doing some research on dogs and caring for them. There will be simple things which crop up which if you go to a vet for every time will costs you a fortune. This is something you should have been anticipating would happen  - a few of our female dogs would often clean up after themselves.

    Look into what the breed is prone to etc. I.e. labradors get gunky ears (as an example) we can manage this without the vet because we knew in advance and were prepared. However the vet would have cost us £40 before we even got him looked at let alone treated each time.

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    sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Bitches in Season – some useful information

    What is a !!!!!!’s season?

    If you own a !!!!!! (female dog) then provided she has not been spayed she will come into season on a fairly regular basis through her life. This is commonly known as ‘being on heat’ and is something that owners of all dogs need to be aware of. It is only while the !!!!!! is in season that she can get pregnant and owners need to beaware of the cycle to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Similarly breeders need to be aware of the season to ensure mating at that time. Bitches do not have a menopause in the way humans do and they will come into season throughout their entire lives, although they will be less fertile.

    Spaying your female dog

    Unless you intend to breed from your !!!!!! it is recommended that they are spayed. 

    What is being in season?

    A !!!!!!’s season is so do with her oestrus cycle which is the regular changes that occur in her reproductive cycle due to hormone level changes. There are various stages of the cycle and these are known as pro-oestrus, oestrus, metoestrus, dioestrus and anoestrus.

    The season is from the start of pro-oestrus to the start of dioestrus and as a general rule this will take around three weeks. At the start of pro-oestus her levels of oestrogen will rise in anticipation of the release of her eggs and her uterus will start to swell. There will be physical and behavioural changes that will include

    • She will likely urinate more and this is a way for her to leave a message for male dogs to let them know she is in season.
    • She may become more outgoing and flirtatious as she attempts to attract suitors although at this stage she will not let them mount her. She may stand with her hind quarters towards the dog and move her tail to one side to allow the dog to better see and smell that she is nearing her most fertile time.
    • Physically her vulva will swell and become a more red/pink colour.
    • She will start to bleed or spot and this is more noticeable in some bitches than others. Some are so good at keeping themselves clean that it is barely noticeable.

    This stage of the cycle will last an average of 9-10 days but this varies from !!!!!! to !!!!!! and across breeds.

    The next stage of the cycle oestrus coincides with ovulation and the release of her eggs and over the next 5 or so days she will allow herself to be mounted. Physically her vulva will become even more swollen and a straw coloured discharge will often be seen.

    Metoestrus follows and during this phase things start to return to normal in the !!!!!!, she will be less exciteable, her vulva will start to return to its usual size and colouring and discharges will stop. She will not allow mating and her body starts to produce progesterone that will line her uterus in readiness for pregnancy.

    Dioestrus is the final stage  and progersterone is still being produced. In non pregnant bitches the high levels of this hormone can lead to phantom pregnancies. Anoestus is the much longer period between the seasons u

  • alykhalil1alykhalil1 Forumite
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    i am more than positive she is sprayed, coz i remember the pat did not allow her to be taken for walks for almost 9-11 weeks till she had her last jab thingy. but i am sure she is sprayed. thank you.
  • alykhalil1alykhalil1 Forumite
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    no no...not that we have not read anything before getting a puppy. we have read many many articles but i as a matter of fact wasnt aware but my handcuffs, she had a dog and knows more than me and she had said it initially that she was in her periods....but i will find out more and thank you all for your advise.
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    HampshireHHampshireH Forumite
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    i am more than positive she is sprayed, coz i remember the pat did not allow her to be taken for walks for almost 9-11 weeks till she had her last jab thingy. but i am sure she is sprayed. thank you.
    You vet records should show this if she is.

    Highly unusual if she was very young when you got her as they don't normally do it before 6 months I didn't think.

    I guess unless maybe a condition of a rescue.... 
  • hb2hb2 Forumite
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    'Periods' would be the human equivalent of being in season, so it sounds as if your partner is thinking the same as most people here.

    Having to keep a puppy/dog in until fully vaccinated is a different issue from spaying.
    It's not difficult!
    'Wander' - to walk or move in a leisurely manner.
    'Wonder' - to feel curious.
  • Jenni_DJenni_D Forumite
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    It's not unusual for a pup to be neutered/spayed before being picked up by new owners. That doesn't mean yours has been though. And keeping them away from other dogs until they've had their first course of jabs is also normal.

    Like others, nothing you've said makes me think that what you're experiencing is anything other than her first season. :)
    Jenni x
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