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Curry's order online & collect in store.

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Curry's order online & collect in store.

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Not sure if this is the correct area for this, so forgive me mods.

I'll start at the beginning.
Back in December (20th) my son decided that he wanted some new Nintendo Switch controllers for Christmas, so I had a look and the cheapest place I could find them (and had them in stock) was my local Curry's store (Ipswich).

I ordered and paid for them on line as I was planning on going to that area later that day and they didn't have many in stock.

Upon arriving at said store, I parked in one of their collect bays and done all the “I have arrived” stuff on my phone and then proceeded to wait.

After about 15 minutes no one had come anywhere near my car, even though people had turned up after me and left with their goods.

I walked up to the store and asked the chap on the door what was going on, he took my name and order number and went in to enquire.

The manager came out and said that there was no order with my name and asked to check my phone, I showed him my phone and it turned out that the order was meant to have been collected from there Norwich store (which is over 40 miles from where I am). We both agreed that the Curry’s website must have defaulted to Norwich as they had none of that product in stock at Ipswich, he apologised and said that the only things I could do was to cancel the order (via the website) and get my money back or drive to Norwich and collect from there.

Now I wasn’t going to drive to go and get them as what I’d save to buy them I’d lose in petrol driving up there, so I went home, found the cancelation area of the website, filled in the form and then waited for a reply.

Now I gave them a couple of days, what with the 20th being a Sunday and it being Christmas and everyone having to deal with Covid etc.

On the 22nd I still had not received any acknowledgment of my cancelation request so I went on to the Curry’s website and tried to find a number to call or an e-mail address I could contact, this lead me to their “online help” which then lead to another cancellation form, so I filled this in and then waited.

So it’s now the 7th January, still no reply from them, so I sent a tweet asking for someone to contact me regarding my issue, and as if by magic someone came back almost straight away saying send us a DM so we can discuss what was going on. I sent a message detailing the issue, to which they asked for my name, address & any reference numbers, I sent these in return and then nothing.

So today (13th January) I sent a quick reply asking if there was any update, to which after a bit of toing and throwing they final told me that they had been in contact with the Norwich store and they are saying it has been collected (not was the order status on my app says) and if I have an issue I need to drive to the store (like I said its over 40 miles away) and speak the them, I told them I wasn’t happy with this, what with we are currently being told to stay at home unless we really need to go out.

So my question is really, where do I stand, is it up to me to prove I haven’t collected it (they say you need you payment card when collecting, had as I didn’t go there how could they have checked it against my card), or should they be refunding me?

Sorry for the mega long post. 


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    Have you sent a letter to the head boss of Currys ?
    An email might be better based on Royal Mail featuring on watchdog earlier.

    As of last year Alexander Baldock was the ceo, maybe send an email.
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