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Hi everyone,
I am wanting to complete a couple of the money saving challenges this year. I don't know the name of it but for day one you put away 1p, then day 2 you put away 2p etc etc throughout the year. I done it this year with coins and then notes but I'd really like to keep it more simple and move my money electronically.
I am with first direct and they have a monthly saver account but I don't think I can save 1p, then 2p as it has to be at least £25 per month. So for quite a few months that won't be possible.
I was hoping there was an app, where I could open two accounts and then put something away daily to feed the savings pots.
Can anyone please advise? I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd like to not have to scrounge around for change every day then have to change it into notes every few weeks! It was a novelty at first but then a bit of a pain when I had to get the coins changed to notes for the occasion I was saving for. 
Thanks everyone.


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    Try Starling it does mean opening a new account but you can transfer as much or little as you like and also create 'spaces' which are like having electronic coin jars for all your different savings once it's in a space you only have access to spend it if you transfer back to the main account.
    Hope this helps :smile:
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