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MSE Poll: What are your favourite board games?

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MSE Poll: What are your favourite board games?

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MSE_PetarMSE_Petar MSE Staff
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MSE Staff
Poll started 29 December 2020
As we like to have some fun between Christmas and New Year, this week we want to know your favourite board game, as they're a popular pastime for many, particularly over the festive period.

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  • MalMonroeMalMonroe Forumite
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    I'm not too keen on any but if I have to play, it'll be Scrabble. Otherwise I'd rather not bother thanks!
  • grahammgrahamm Forumite
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    For those of you who put Monopoly as your favourite, my sympathies...!

    Check out the Board Game Geek website and look at some of the best games which don't generally end up with an argument or someone not talking to someone else for the rest of the day.

    Try Carcassonne, Alhambra, Settlers of Catan, Stone Age, Ticket to Ride which are some of the classic "gateway" games that are not difficult to learn, generally they're suitable for anyone over the age of 8, so even the kids can play (and beat you!) and once you've got into those, you can go on to the "heavier" games.

    Obviously there are plenty more than the ones I mention above and I'm sure other people will chime with their personal recommendations, but, please, do yourself a favour and consign Monopoly to the back of the cupboard...!

    if i had known then what i know now
  • duncanthedogduncanthedog Forumite
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    I do miss playing Mah Jong, the game not the patience, I know it's not on the list but still.
    I have an antique set of tiles but nobody to play with :(
  • It genuinely saddens me that Monopoly has 30% of the favourite board game vote. When played by people who understand the maths of the game everyone just rolls, moves, and buys everything they land on for an hour or so. Then briefly there is a really interesting bit of the game where people are doing deals to get sets. Then up go the houses and hotels and another hour or so of roll, move, and see who lands on what. Such a short time of interesting decisions for such a long game.
    Catan (previously known as The Settlers of Catan) takes the only bit of Monopoly that is actually interesting, doing deals to get sets, and turns it into the whole game. No-one gets knocked out, there is a specific mechanic to help players catch up whoever is winning the game at any point, and you can play it two or three times in the time it takes to play a game of Monopoly.
  • pramsay13pramsay13 Forumite
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    Carcassonne is my favourite game and I have played a lot. It is reasonably easy to pick up and play but there are expansions if you want to make it more challenging or longer.
  • CatsacorCatsacor Forumite
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    Scrabble and Scattergories, love them !
    I wasn't really surprised that there weren't many answers on the list, seems board games are going out of fashion.
    First, take responsibility .....
  • es5595es5595 Forumite
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    I bought Ticket to Ride (Europe) for my OH for Christmas and we both love it already! Hoping to get some more two-player games soon!
  • Coveredinbees!!!!Coveredinbees!!!! Forumite
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    Cluedo, everyone can play and it doesn't take hours. Only arguement is who get to be miss Scarlet.
    Is it spring yet?
  • NikbyNikby Forumite
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    I can't see what the 'other' votes are :/ My favourite board game is Tension...would be interesting to see if anyone else chose that. 
  • norfolkmumnorfolkmum Forumite
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    We are big on board games in this family!  Our favourite right now is Wingspan, have one expansion already and the other will be here Saturday.  Great game, easy to learn and good to play over and over.  We also love Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Telestrations, Scattergories, and hundreds more.  This Christmas we got Pillars of the Earth which is great, Root, couple of Harry Potter games, Outsmarted, The Chameleon amongst others.  It's a shame people just stick to the popular ones like Monopoly etc, there are so many games to suit everyone :smiley:
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