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Loss of TV service virgin Media

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Loss of TV service virgin Media

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scopex808scopex808 Forumite
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5 days ago all the TV services through virgin media stopped working. Virgin diagnosed the faulty VM box on Saturday and assured a new box would arrive next day via a courier. 
Nothing has been delivered to my home and when phone VM it take 20 minutes to get through then phone cuts off. I would like to cancel the all services because is not the first time having issues with VM. 10 months left on my contract. Will i have to pay contract off to leave VM or can the contract be ended because the equipment is faulty? VM broadband services all work fine. 


  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Pay contract off unless VM agree you can leave .
    Doubt if you have reason to cancel  as box is broken .
  • Rodders53Rodders53 Forumite
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    Keep phoning or try alternative routes into VM CS... e-mail, twitter, faceache, Virgin Community (forums) etc.,.  If you just leave it or whine here it will be too late for them to get a(nother) box out to you before Christmas.

    Check your account/e-mail for a tracking ID for the package if they send such things? It's possible nothing got shipped until Monday and it should then arrive today (Tuesday)?

    Request compensation for the loss of TV service due to broken box and for any chargeable calls that have been 'dropped' by them at the end of 20 minutes in a queue - likely in the form of a credit on the account.

    Do you have a working UHF TV aerial that you can use to watch TV in the meantime? 

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    Brewer20Brewer20 Forumite
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    If not resolved,  contact VM below
    Tel 0345 454 1111 press option 1 then option 4 twice when asked.
    The above number should get you through to retentions quicker. Just explain you want to leave because of problems or can you fix it. 
    Speak nicely to them and I'm sure they sort it. 
    Of course they'll probably say there's s penalty for cancellation, you can also mention you'll be having s word with ofcom.
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