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I have a Sony Smart TV. Recently, I've noticed an app is available which allows access to the various NOW TV passes. 
I'm tempted to subscribe, because it would be good to be able to view Sky Atlantic programs, which I'm not currently able to do, without the need of an extra TV stick.
The thing that's putting me off is the price. The Entertainment pass is £9.99 per month with a an extra £3 if one wants to watch programs in HD. This seems quite pricey compared to, say, Disney+ which sells for £5.99 p.m., inclusive of all content, be it HD or 4K.
I understand a weeks free trial can be had, and then the service can be cancelled. I'm thinking of doing this, and was wondering if members could advise me of the likelihood of any inducements that me be offered to stop me canceling?
Just wondering also if any members have started using the Sony TV/Now TV app and what their opinion is?
Thank You.


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    Now TV is the poor man's Sky if you like.  Sky in any form isn't cheap.  A lot depends on what you want to watch.  If you just wanted movies for example you can just buy the movies pass for Now TV, you can't do that with "normal" Sky from a satellite dish, as its on top of the basic package (or "premium" channels).

    Normally with Now TV if you cancel you get an incentive, and sometimes special deals too.  Not guaranteed, but quite likely.
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    I don't wish to enrich the Murdoch empire, but Now TV does have a useful selection of series to watch and a back catalogue of quality older programmes.

    The £10 montbly fee is OTT though if you just want to add to iplayer and All4 etc. If you have any Tesco vouchers saved, these can be exchanged at 3x face value for NowTV subs, though only until the end of January 2021, so act quickly. Once in your NTV account the credit can be preserved for a long time, two(?) years if memory serves correctly. I'm currently working through a 'six months for £7 pm' offer, which translates into £14 of tesco money for the half year - which I regard as fair value. 
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    If you have a use for a Now TV stick (say for another room), then I would suggest starting with a hardware + pass bundle - these are currently from £14.99 for Stick + 1 month Entertainment.   Once you are signed up, you can cancel and they will likely give you a reduced price offer to retain your subscription.  

    Now TV is widely discounted - I had 6 months free from a Broadband offer.   That was extended by another 6 months without any intervention by me, and subsequently I received a further offer of £1.99 pm for 6 months.   I also have discounted Cinema, and pay full price for the Booster pack.
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