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MSE Poll: How do you rate your energy provider's recent service?



  • BellisimaBellisima Forumite
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    I voted great for Bulb.  I’ve never been with such a friendly, switched on provider, ever!  They always advise me if I need to reduce my monthly direct debit, and refund me if my account is in credit  (usually leaving about £100 to help cover winter costs).  I could move and find someone a bit cheaper, but I like them.  Price is important but so is customer service.  The cheapest company isn’t always the best.  Don’t get me started on Virgin!

  • SallySunshineSallySunshine Forumite
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    I’m now with Octopus after chat with my daughter who swears by it. Was with Scottish Power for years and quite happy un til I realised the cost of their standing charge for gas and electricity compared to Octopus. That actually makes quite a difference regardless  of how much energy you use.
    unbelievably easy to change over thanks to Octopus, kept me  informed all the way, being given £50 credit as my daughter introduced me was also a bonus, she received this as well.
    Ironically Scottish Power offered me £100 to return to them!
  • AlanRalphAlanRalph Forumite
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    I'm not surprised at the results for Scottish Power — we were with them until the end of 2018, and had a horrible time trying to resolve the final billing. They sent us wildly differing amounts, and didn't appear to have any clue what they'd told us previously. What made it even worse, particularly for my mother, was that this happened shortly after my father passed away, and Scottish Power continued addressing correspondence to my dad, even after being informed that he was deceased. In the end, we had to go to the Ombudsman to get it resolved. I very much doubt that Scottish Power learned any lesson.

    We've been with Utility Point for two years now, and overall their service has been good — not perfect, but miles better than Scottish Power.
  • SallySunshineSallySunshine Forumite
    807 Posts
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts
    I was dreading the switch over to be quite honest after reading tales of the previous power company taking forever to finalise last bills, but was pleasantly surprised. Scottish Power did keep me informed throughout and although  I did have duel fuel and the electricity final bill came before the gas one,, it all went fairly quickly and as suggested I didn’t cancel my D.D. To them, so any credit for both gas/electricity was paid directly to my bank account.
  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    I've currently got 3 complaints with Scottish Power, I've escalated to the CEO (which is something I've never needed to do with any company) and so far I'm no further forward getting an account set up, just so I can move to a better supplier.

    SP are my deemed supplier, there's a huge back story to this and it's been going on for over 7 months, next step is Ofgem as I've not confidence anything will be resolved. 

    I really feel sorry for those being transferred to SP.
  • Mark_789Mark_789 Forumite
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    Was with outfox for 2 years and had no issues though now moved or pureplanet following outfox increasing prices for the third time in a short period.
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