MSE Poll: How do you rate your energy provider's recent service?

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Poll started 10 December 2020
Winter's here, the heating's on and while we're all about slashing energy bills, we know customer service counts too – so let us know how your energy firm has been doing.

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  • 203846930203846930 Forumite
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    Only been with the company for 3 weeks and not had to deal with CS yet
  • SonicTPASonicTPA Forumite
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    I voted Poor for Outfox and when it took me to the results page, there were no votes for Poor showing.
  • Candice-MarieCandice-Marie Forumite
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    I’m really happy with Octopus (dual fuel). I did switch to EDF at one point and everything just seemed to be a hassle with them and unnecessarily complicated  - I missed the simplicity of Octopus so switched back and have stayed with them even when better deals have come up.  
  •  I voted poor for Npower Im still waiting for my them  to get me back on theirs books i was erroneously transferred to Avro  back in july so i havent paid a bill, so being a bit frugal at the moment, because this should have been cleared up weeks ago they were meant  to send a £30 cheque but they forgot so now they've sent a £60.00 cheque as compensation 
    Before this happened I was thinking of changing  as i thought they were expensive 

  • PennyPennyPennyPenny Forumite
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    I voted poor for Utility Point.

    I've had two contracts with them and both times (the last a couple of months ago) and I've had real trouble getting my credit balance refunded when I've switched away.

    Their phone response is really slow, so I've used the web chat facility which is less stressful while waiting for an operator, but also means that you can keep a copy (use cut and paste to save an accurate version of the conversation though, because their version when you close the chat and get a copy is mis-ordered and has text missing). Also, they keep these communications on your account file. I contacted them several times and they confirmed that they had all the conversations.

    Even mentioning the OFGEM rules about delays in payment and compensation expected didn't get them to budge their delays. It took raising a complaint to get things moving. I got my £30 compensation and refund the next day (see, they can do it). 

    If you're not aware of the rules, here's a really useful link:
    I used to have a HUGE mortgage, but it's all gone now :T :beer:

    I'm really good at SAVING money......
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    ConsumeristConsumerist Forumite
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    I've been with Avro for the past six months and on the one occasion I needed to email them they responded a few days later and fixed my problem with statements. Had to rate them 'Great' on this basis.
    Sadly, most annoying problems arise when you want to switch but the wording of the survey only requires you to rate your current supplier - so no chance to rate suppliers who make switching a nightmare.
    Will MSE ever learn ?
    >:)Warning: In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  • Lol67Lol67 Forumite
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    I am also really happy with Octopus and have been with them since March 2018. Their customer service is the best I ever have experienced with an energy company. Billing is clear and efficient and they send prompt, friendly reminders. They even resolved an issue with meter readings which my previous supplier, Green Star Energy, failed to do. GSE's service was abmismal and despite a complaint to the Ombudsman which was upheld and a resolution agreement to settle the account agreed and actioned, I was contacted this week by a debt collection service on their behalf. Unbelievable!
  • I gave Avro am OK rating. 
    on competitive pricing at start and at renewal as well as the general service delivery they get a Great rating.
    however over the first 9 months they overestimated my anticipated usage. even though i had told them my previous. at month 6 i asked them to adjust as i was nearly paying double what i would use for the whole year. they said they would review it but it took till month 9 to adjust. and even then they still only cut it by a quarter.
    at renewal time they quoted a higher monthly DD even though it was a cheaper tariff. contacted them to sort it which again they said they'd do. 4 months into that new contract i had to contact them yet again to actually action it. at which point i was over £400 in credit.
    for that their customer service would be a rating of Poor.
  • thelightthelight Forumite
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    Can the poll be changed to allow 2 providers as I am with different providers for gas and electric
  • effie39effie39 Forumite
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    I was with Yorkshire Energy and they were fab - instant billing, great software, easy to use, and had no complaints. Such a shame a good company went under. Now forced to be with Scottish Power (again) until I can find someone else 
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