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Suggestions for pigeons deterrents pl!



  • twopenny said:
    I permenantly detered pigeons using the roof and tree outside my bedroom window for naughty purposes. And they're so darned noisy about it.
    I bought a small gunsized waterpistol, and aimed it at them. It didn't reach them and they looked at me curiously as if to say 'idiot' but it was enough to make them go elsewhere and I had some fun and sense of oneupmanship.
    It's useful to deter roaming cats from the garden to even long term and you don't have to wet them, they know what it is.
    The animals don't like the thought that you (ie the water as an extension of you) can get near them.
    It was so much fun that it's almost a disappointment that it was sucessful and I can't play with it anymore.
    Be thankful it's not seagulls - they're sooooo loud about it, not to mention at it all the bl@@dy time 😮😣😲
  • ahfat41
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    Will buy one as they like to rest on windows sills. You can get them in any toy shop.
  • My neighbour's cat keeps the local pigeon population in  equilibrium, a fact which came to my attention when I noticed the very white cat with a very red muzzle.. The cat still gets chased from my garden by me as it also attempts to catch rather more agile birds like blackbirds and robins as well as any other small creature it fancies. I don't mind it predating the pigeons so much as they seem constantly at it and successfully reproducing. Incidentally, I never seem to see young pigeons, how big are they when they fledge?
  • Farway
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    ahfat41 said:
    Will buy one as they like to rest on windows sills. You can get them in any toy shop.
    I had a pump action pressurised one, the long range squirty type for cat visitors

    Eight out of ten owners who expressed a preference said their cats preferred other peoples gardens
  • Hiya sw, pigeon young are almost as big as parents when they fledge.  I'm talking wood pigeons here and they don't have the white bit behind their neck straight away, that's how I can tell they are squabs but I'm not an expert lol, so happy to be corrected 🐈
    Just my opinion, no offence 🐈
  • Arthog
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    Another vote for CDs. I fix 2 of them side by side on to a flat piece of wood, then hang it by a single thread so it will swivel round. It looks like huge eyes and does scare birds away. It can be double-sided.  Useful in various parts of the garden. 
    Single CDs prevent birds crashing into the house windows. Hung inside by a single thread, they turn and flash.
    We used to get lots of CDs, offering free internet access - they fell out of every magazine and MSErs kept them, knowing they'd come in useful one day.
  • Davesnave
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    edited 24 December 2020 at 5:55PM
    They do need careful and strong mounting, as the swivelling soon detaches or unravels any that aren't fixed really well.
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