Hi all,

I'm looking for some help/advice on an issue that has arisen on an old virgin media account.

I moved out of a shared house 8 years and it turns out that at the time the broadband for the house was in my name (I now know I should have changed this at the time). This morning I suddenly received a forwarded e-mail from a friend who continued to live in the house after me (but still moved out 5 years ago) that an amount of £290 has been passed to a debt collector for an unpaid broadband bills.

I contacted the old landlord this afternoon, who informed me that the house has been empty since August as they're looking to sell it - I assume this is when the bill stopped getting paid (I am staggered that no-one has switched broadband supplier in 8 years!).

I'm trying to resolve this with Virgin Media - but their customer service is like the rabbit warren from hell!

My question is, given that my name was still on the account, am I liable for the bill? And is there anything I can do to dispute it?

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