Ezviz CTQ3W Security Camera

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Hi I was wondering if anyone had this security camera and or could recommend it or not? 
>>>>  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KZDFP2R/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=av0c-21&linkCode=w00&linkId=&creativeASIN=B07KZDFP2R&th=1 
It's the Ezviz Outdoor Security Camera 1080P CTQ3W

We have been having issues with someone coming into our garden and into the shed and my partner wants a security camera so I'm going to get him one for Christmas. We want to put security cameras up with the following information: 
- Longest length in the back garden is about 29ft, with some trees in the view as well. 
- We want one in the back garden and one in the front. 
- We don't really want to have to pay for a subscription right now. 
- We do want a camera with good night vision as the back garden is totally dark. 
Someone has recommended this security camera to me and I was wondering if it was any good? Some of the videos I've watched said the night vision on it isn't totally clear, others say it's good. I like the sound of it and the two way talking thing as well and the alarm. I do like the look of the Ezviz C3X one but can't afford the £100+ price at the moment. Whereas the one above is £52. There's also the Imou Bullet Pro (G26EP) that I saw in one review that the guy liked a lot. 


or the Ezviz C3N supposed to have colour night vision, but has some iffy reviews about the motion detection not going off, but some say it's good. 

I just don't want to buy it and waste the money if it's not good and can't see at night as well, I'm lost. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks. 


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    I don't know that particular camera and haven't read all the specifications but one question I would ask is the range of the motion detection. I have a different camera which would easily see to the end of you garden but the villain would have to get much closer to set it going!
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    I have a couple of the EzViz cameras, I'm pleased with them, remember you need to buy an SDcard as the video is stored locally in the camera so they really need to be out of reach as well.
    The app is pretty good and you can configure motion detection zones to trigger recording.
    As for the range night vision, take a look at these two images for comparison...

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    Thank you both for your replies.

    EssexExile: I hadn't thought of range of motion detection. It would depend on where they are coming in our garden if it's over the wall then it would be around 28ft away from the camera, if it was via the side gate area then they would have to pass the camera area to get to the shed area. 

    alanwsg: Thank you very much for the images there as well. Do you find that you can see a person clear enough if they are on the night vision one in particular? And I take it that is in total darkness in your garden there too? Ours doesn't have any light out back. As the other comment above, how do you find the motion detection range on your cameras? Can they detect someone mid to far end of garden or do they need to be really close to the camera? 

    The Ezviz C3X is the one that most people say is the best with duel night vision colour mode, but it's £150 

    The Ezviz CTQ3W was on Amazon for £52 but has now gone up to £74 which is pricey. 

    The Ezviz C3N is £60 but only has 1 way voice to hear not talk. 

    I really don't know which to go for or if I should wait now until after Christmas to see if they come down in price and maybe try and get the Ezviz C3X one, but I can't imagine it would come down too much in price. 

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    The image I posted was in complete darkness, you can't see anything if you go out there.
    The sensitivity is adjustable but there's trade-offs, if you set it to trigger on someone moving at the edge of it's range, then it will also trigger on insects and rain.
    It's a shame you missed the £52 price - that's a good deal, I paid £70 (reduced from £120)
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