I wish to amplify the sound in a landline handset (ie the imcoming voice volume, not the ringer)

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My landline phone works perfecrtly well when making phone calls to anyone except for my elderly aunt in Florida - when speaking to her I can barely hear her voice. She does not seem to understand that the problem is probably at her end - I think she is using a cordless phone. As I cannot get her to change to a corded one the only solution I have is to attempt to amplify her voice at my end. I can find lots of devices that involve making the ring tone louder or even a flashing LED when the phone rings but I wonder what the point of these are if the incoming voice is not magnified!
A Google search has revealed this:
a device that you plug between the phone and the handset. But the reviews seem very polarised (?fake and genuine) and it is a little pricey.
Does anyone know if this device is effective and does anyone know of anything alternative that works well?
Thank you


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