Using cat deterrents in garden now rats in shed

I have been doing my best to keep cats out of my garden as they are using the lawn as their toilet.  Today went in shed and found a mess, half of slug pellets container eaten including plastic bt and they have through stuffs in shed.  Rats have been looking for food and ate the compost as well.  Were the cats actually keeping the rats away?  Thats the first time I have got this problem, I had mices before but that was taken care of.  I cannot see any point of entry.  I will need to clear hed and disinfect as they are rats poos everywhere, it is disgusting.  Any recommendation to get rid of them.  I cannot find where they are getting in.  Thanks


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    You can always tell where the foxs have been killed in the countryside. You get infestations of rabbits.
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    There will be a point of entry no matter how small they'll find a way in. When you've cleared out the shed buy a couple of traps and use some sticky chocolate on them, might take a little while to get them.
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    You mention the compost heap. Rats are fond of potatoes and that's something often thrown in there. It's also warm and at this time of year they may be drawn to it. Be very careful what you put on it.
    Rats like dark runs where they won't be seen like narrow gaps between shed and wall/fence
    You could try solar or battery motion sensor lights around hidden areas including to illuminate under the shed. That might deter them if a light suddenly comes on from nowhere. They can be cheap to buy in some of the chain shops like Wilko.

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  • It's possible that the cats have been keeping the rats away.  Just having cats around is going to persuade a rat to go elsewhere.  Looks like you've got a choice of cats or rats in your garden!
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    Rats do not like open ground so if possible clear around the shed by about a metre. Rat traps inside the shed. Then try to find where they are coming from do neighbours have long grass or "nature areas" or worse do any keep chickens or birds of any kind. You can also get rat deterrents from certain essential oils they don't like to electronic sounders. If all fails get someone with a jack russel to come round better than any cat.
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