Also posted in the Virgin Haggle thread but this part of the forum looks more active:

Virgin gave me a renewal that matched their Bigger Bundle Black Friday new customer deal of £45 per month - but I didn't get this price by asking for the new customer deal. (and no setup fees)

I rang twice. The first time I was told the system had frozen and they'd call back in 10 minutes - no call back though. Tried again two days later at around 5pm. My bill was going to go up from £44 to £83 per month at the end of this month. I said I couldn't afford this and that I was thinking of a move to Sky 60Mb broadband and TV at £39 per month - thanks to the MSE broadband comparison tool for the package details. 

The agent explained that I was a heavy user of data for downloads and uploads and I kept quiet whilst he told me all about the issues with Sky broadband being carried over the phone line instead of fibre, primarily lower speed and more variable speed. I wanted to keep the documentary channels and drop BT Sport which I don't watch, but they all came together as a package.

First offer was £55 per month to keep current package for 18 months, I said I couldn't afford this as I was no longer in work and needed to get down my outgoings. Next he tried changing broadband speed from 200 to 100Mb - this actually increased the cost to £62 per month. He said there are bigger discounts on the bigger packages.

He said he could ask his manager to see if £55 could be improved but he reckoned the best would be £45 and it was only worth asking if that was something that I would be happy with. I said ok, stayed on the line and after a short time he confirmed the manager had agreed to £45.

I've stayed on the same package for £1 a month more than what I had been paying in my current contract. I'm happy with this as it's also an 18 month contract instead of 12 month.

I am kept on the same Bigger Bundle package and instead of the cost going up from £44 to £83 per month I am now paying £45 per month for 18 months.

Broadband: 200Mb
TV with V6 box: MaxIt
Phone: Talk Weekends
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