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Vodafone Repair Charge

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Good afternoon all, 
My partner recently had her phone repaired by Vodafone after the screen was cracked and affecting the camera and general usage of the phone. She arranged this over the chat function on the Vodafone website, they sent out an envelope and we sent it off for repair. As far as I know the cost of this wasn't specified, I assumed that they would assess what needs done and then contact us for approval. 
However, this didn't happen and we randomly received the repaired phone back, and the receipt stated the cost was as per previous letter - a letter we didn't and still haven't recieved. She chatted to someone again through the website, about this issue and another issue, who advised that there was no record of a letter or repair cost on her file. 
She has now received her bill update which is going to cost over £300 (normally £35) obviously including the charge for the repair. She has again queried this and received an email today stating that as she arranged the repair through the chat function, this constitutes as approval to proceed, which I don't agree with as the cost wasn't mentioned.  
We didn't expect the repair for free, however I would have expected to be advised of the repair cost and asked if they can proceed, at which point we could have assessed whether it was worth it or if we look at other options.  

Does anyone have any experience of this and advise if there's anything we can do? As I said we didn't expect it for free but having to pay a lot of money without knowing about it is frustrating.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.  
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