Hi All,
Niche case looking for advice on.
I booked a conference abroad in January on Visa credit at approx 1,000 British pounds (foreign currency).
it was cancelled in March due to COVID & the organiser said they could not refund my Visa, but would send me a refund to my current account.
I appealed that with my bank, but sent the organiser my bank details.
The organiser sent me a refund in Local currency which amounted to about 900 British pounds ... leaving me 100 quid out of pocket.
Months later my bank cleared its COVID backlog & refunded my Visa 1,000 ... so I now have a full refund from my bank, & a part refund from the organiser.
The organiser is now insisting that I pay 1,000 pounds back to them, again leaving me out of pocket.
Aside from any ethical consideration, can anyone advise:
— Do I have a legal or other compelling obligation to repay 1,000 & be out of pocket ?
— Do I have a legal or other compelling obligation to repay the partial amount I was refunded, to the point I am not out of pocket ?
— Is it reasonable for me to deduct charges that were applied by my bank for foreign currency transactions etc ?
Obviously I have 2 refunds but one of them is partial & I am not happy with the prospect of being 100 quid plus bank charges out of pocket. I’m also aware I’m lucky to have been refunded at all, given some people’s experiences, but anyway I would value some expert advise on how to proceed.
thank you in advance.


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    I'd refund what they paid you (exact local currency match) and then they can't really complain as they did the same to you.

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