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MSE Poll: When did you last make a call on your home landline?

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MSE Poll: When did you last make a call on your home landline?

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MSE_Laura_BMSE_Laura_B MSE Staff
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edited 24 November 2020 at 5:20PM in Money Saving Polls
Poll started 24 November 2020

To get broadband at home, you often need to have a landline as well. But with many increasingly turning to other methods of communication, from video calls to group messaging, this week we want to know when you last used your landline to make or receive a call.

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    hugheskevihugheskevi Forumite
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    I gave up using landline when it became common to have very large or unlimited amount of minutes on mobiles. Landlines had far less consistency of offers by providers - some packages were free anytime calls, some just free on weekends, some free on weekends and evenings, etc. Every time I switched provider it was a different offering to adjust to - mobile was far simpler.

    Landline also suffers from cold-calling, so I ignore many incoming calls as the vast majority are an annoyance (although we probably only average a few a week, so less than many are hassled with). Our elderly parents are the only ones who call us on landline, otherwise it would be silenced and completely ignored.
  • lozzy81lozzy81 Forumite
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    I don't even have a phone plugged in!! Couldn't tell you the number either, I wish they would do away with the need for one and costs involved!!
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  • EctophileEctophile Forumite
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    I have no idea why the landline phone companies have priced themselves out of the market.
    Even after paying the line rental, it still costs more to have a call package on the land line than it does on a mobile phone.
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  • parcivalparcival Forumite
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    Use it all the Time, poor mobile reception at home. 
  • StompaStompa Forumite
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    Since BT chucked in anytime calls for free with my broadband deal I use it all the time. I seldom use my PAYG mobile to make calls.
  • A_LertA_Lert Forumite
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    I used to not even have the phone plugged in, but I got a landline phone with BT Call Blocking, it's made my landline usable again. Junk callers very rarely even bother with the screening system and if they do I still don't have to speak to them. A purchase worth every penny.
    I don't make calls of any sort very often, but the landline gives better sound quality. So many modern smartphones are great at the "smart" but terrible at the "phone". I made a call from the landline this month.
  • Simonne15Simonne15 Forumite
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    Because the network signal in our area is poor despite having extenders, we use our landline in preference to mobiles in the house. That wasn't considered in the poll. 
    We live at the edge of a city but there are many homes in the countryside where there is poor or non existent mobile network signal and dire  broadband. 
  • jean17jean17 Forumite
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    Did not vote as answers do not match my experience, the last time I used a Landline was around 2013, I unplugged phones because OFCOM implemented a whole load of regs on suppliers and as a result they hiked their tariffs, OFGEM should have foreseen that and banned it.

    Then a few years later they did same thing, put regs on broadband and did not object to CMA about proposal to allow BT to buy EE despite then owning not only Plusnet but also BT Wholesale.

    As others have pointed out we now have:
    no competition
    An apparent cartel with messaging via BT Wholesale. 
    "I have it on good authority that if you do not go below £15 nor will Sky/TalkTalk/Etc"
    prices n ADSL hiked up to fibre prices.
    products need credit check,
    Most offers on price comparison are rubbish, they seem to be offered by same few 3rd party companies which I gather are owned or controlled by MSE or it's parent Money Supermarket.

    Why is this important?  Because compare the market has been fined £18m for putting in restrictive anti competition terms that said insurance companies could not list a deal cheaper elsewhere.  For all we know this is common place.

    So I have not had a broadband contract since Sky stopped the £50 per annum deal, I think it was 2017 prior to that it offered a £5 deal, it was these serious competition that caused EE to offer amazing deals and TalkTalk too.

    The poll does not reflect how completely fooked up this market really is. So I withheld my vote in protest.

    If they are interested I went to VoIP for free Landlines first and then I got rid of those and used mobile for UK, WhatApp for international.  There was a time when we had competition on Landlines, I think TalkTalk offered fixed price of £3 for unlimited foreign calls which I used a lot. It was given free later with Broadband deal.

    I also recommend all members who voted do a subject access request on MSE requiring all data held on them, did they store the age only on the poll or hide it in their profile account for unstated purposes hidden in terms and conditions?

  • AlanRalphAlanRalph Forumite
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    We still have a landline, but tend to use our mobile phones to make calls as that works out cheaper. Only incoming calls are from family, plus occasional cold-caller (if the number isn't recognized, we usually don't answer unless we're expecting a call).
  • gingertossergingertosser Forumite
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    I’ve got a landline with BT that comes with the broadband but don’t use it. (Haggled with BT and they gave me a broadband discount if I took the call package but the call package was on a 28day rolling contract so cancelled that part straight away and continued with the broadband discount for the next 18 months) bought a Cisco ATA box for £25, signed up to sipgate and use that for landline calls. It’s only the older relatives that call us on it though. 
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