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Paper based PIP decision - what to expect?

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Paper based PIP decision - what to expect?

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GlasweJenGlasweJen Forumite
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My PIP award expired first week of November, I must have been one of the very last people to have got their renewal forms out in the post. I sent the paperwork during the lockdown.

It took them until August to send the text acknowledging receipt (nice of them) and then I got a letter from IAS saying I'd get a telephone assessment. 

I contacted them via text relay to remind them that I'm deaf and need a text relay assessment, I don't have a textphone because they're expensive and I don't like communication by phone. If I need to I use the NGT lite app on my iPhone, the IAS couldn't work with this. They offered me a BSL interpreted assessment, I don't use BSL. They then said I'd just need to sit in the system until the lockdown is over and I can attend an assessment centre. 

I needed the PIP paperwork for various things so I emailed the DWP and asked for something on paper (I'm a paraplegic for god sake, this should be easy). No one acknowledged my email but I got a text today saying they received my medical report and they have enough information to make a decision. 

There's no way they've managed to get hold of either of the consultants on my form, one has been redeployed to the ICU and the other is currently at home with covid (I work in the health service). 

What are the chances they've gone and made an absolute meal of this? 

I had an indefinite DLA award but for some reason they keep insisting on knocking me back for PIP then giving me awards for 2 minutes at tribunals. If I could grow nerves and walk I would. 
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  • poppy12345poppy12345 Forumite
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    I have yet to hear of anyone that's been refused PIP with a paper based assessment. My daughter's last review was paper based and she was awarded Enhanced for both parts. I've heard of others recently been awarded with a paper based assessment.
    These are rare but they can and do happen. As the report has been returned to DWP you can now request a copy, if you can ask someone to ring your behalf.
    Other than that all you can do is wait for the decision. I will say though that as your previous award has ended then you will likely receive the money in your bank before you receive the letter.
    I'm sure everything will be fine and you're worrying needlessly. Good luck!
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    MuttleythefrogMuttleythefrog Forumite
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    Good luck... hopefully a decision soon. As above hope you have been able to have the PA3 paper-based assessment report sent out to you. I recently got my decision after such... just checking timeline to give idea when you might expect same. My PA3 was dated 15/10/20, I was text notified of it 19/10/20, decision letter dated 20/11/20 (received a few days later). So perhaps 5 weeks between the text and receiving the decision.

    That you had to remind them you are deaf... I'll refrain from comment!
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