SMT fund valuation point.

Probably a very silly question but...

How do they price the fund when markets are closed in the UK.? 

Say if it is  at £1000 at the end of UK trading and say a big US holding of theirs drops by 20% while the US markets are still open ,  is the price calculated the next UK opening or when the US markets open if you wish to sell. 

Currently holding Smt and looking to add but not sure when would I get an accurate price. 



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    SMT holds unquoted stocks. NAV on a daily basis will therefore be subjective. 
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    The NAV might only be valued once a day (based on the last known prices of underlying assets) but the market price you pay to buy units in the trust (which would have a premium or discount to the last published NAV) would be the latest price people think it is worth buying and selling at including consideration of any recent known market movements.
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    SMT is an investment trust. It is traded on the London Stock Exchange. If you are looking to add more shares you are buying them from someone else. There is no fixed price based on the valuation of the holdings. The price is whatever you get quoted.
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    Thanks for answer it's much appreciated. 
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