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Good evening all. So I have been relocated due to domestic abuse. For the first time in my life I have applied for benefits. I was sent 'compliance check' letter and I had a discussion with a lady who advised me that she understands I have capital and may not be entitled to UC. I went to my former home while my estranged husband was on the phone talking to the same woman, she had a very distinct voice. When he ended the call, he told me that she asked about my capital etc etc, and that the call was to check details I have given them.
Now, here is my query. I have not given them authority to speak to him on my behalf, I have been removed from from his household due to domestic abuse, he doesn't even know my address, and here is DWP discussing my case with him in great detail, giving him dates and sums of money they are querying. Is that not a breach of GDPR? My case was referred by the Police to the relevant authorities following a disturbance that they attended, and now I don't know if they have given him my whereabouts, I don't know why they would have given him information about me. 
How can I follow this up? Who can I complain to about the breach of my privacy? Will I have to move again if he has been given my address?
Thanking  you all in advance for your help.


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