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I have 6 months left in my contract and moving house. Having to temporarily move in with parents (who already have tv/broadband) until our house is built. 
Not sure the best way to go about it? Want to avoid charges! Happy to go back to sky but won’t be moving in for 5/6 months.

Any help would be appreciated. 


  • Neil_JonesNeil_Jones Forumite
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    If you're in contract you just phone up and cancel.  Early termination fees will apply for both products.  That's what you agreed to.  Not Sky's fault you're moving house.

    If you've moving house and waiting for another house to be built (?) why can't you stay where you are for six months?
  • MrsCox1MrsCox1 Forumite
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    The house builder requires a property to be sold to reserve another. Crazy I know! Plus our buyers are part of a chain. 
    I don’t mind enough about ETC to postpone a house move!!!
  • headpinheadpin Forumite
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    Assuming you want service in new house, why not ask if they’ll suspend until you reinstate?
  • iniltousiniltous Forumite
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    You may find your account is closed anyway, if the new people that move into the property you are moving out of , order services themselves ( phone & broadband ) that may well ‘cancel’ your Sky services anyway , then any automatic final bill would include ETC if they are applicable, regardless of anything you try to arrange.
    Its very unlikely you could suspend your service until you are ready to take them again at another address as it impacts on the ability of the new occupant of your current property to get service themselves.
    This probably wouldn’t include your Sky TV unless it’s all under one bill, you may be able to keep paying monthly for your TV at the address you don’t live at ( rather than pay ETC )  if it’s billed separately,  possibly even if the new occupant gets Sky themselves.
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